Are You A Lot Or A Jonathan?

Lot was Abraham’s nephew loved and cared for by his Uncle. But, how did Lot repay the years of kindness and possible sacrifice from Abraham? The Bible tells us Lot became very rich and in his wealth greedy, inconsiderate and ungrateful it would seem. How? Well, an opportunity came to chose a location and instead of giving deference to his Uncle out of respect and appreciation for years of love and kindness shown to him Lot chose very well it seems for himself. Read the story here: Genesis 13.

God brings people our way to be a blessing and whilst we must always give honour and thanks to God we must never forget acts of kindness. When you have an opportunity to express gratitude, use it. The Bible calls this giving honour where it is due and giving thanks. If you have dishonoured, disregarded or looked down on someone who had been kind to you when you needed kindness because you are now successful, you, unfortunately, have a Lot’s mentality which will lead to your destruction. See how Lot ended (Genesis 13:11) and read Proverbs 17:13; Psalm 109 and Psalm 7:4-6. These are dire consequences indeed, so please turn to God, repent and give honour where it is due.

Jonathan, on the other hand, was born to royalty, son of a King and next in line to the throne, but had a very special love and regard for a Shepherd boy. It would appear Jonathan’s love for David was borne out of love, friendship and a mutual regard for each other.

Jonathan was well aware that David would take the seat of Kingship, but instead of hating him for it and trying to bring him down, he supported him and refused to stand in the way of his success even though it displeased his Father the King. Jonathan’s legacy is truly inspirational, he was a true friend who wasn’t envious of David and recognised the anointing (God’s power) on David’s life. The bible tells us in 1 Samuel 18 of this special bond between them and how Jonathan gave David the tools he needed to succeed and stepped aside. However, unlike Lot, David did not forget this act of kindness and sort to repay it years later – see here: 2 Samuel 9.

The point is not to try and repay the kindness shown to you, as God is the righteous judge who rewards, it’s about honouring the people who have been kind to you by holding them in high regard and not looking down on them because your situation and circumstances have turned for the better. Even God’s word acknowledges it – Romans 13:7 and Colossians 3:15-17.

Let the story of Lot and Jonathan be a lesson to you and decide today are you a Lot or a Jonathan?


The bible teaches us to be thankful and say so and to be truly thankful we must develop an attitude of thankfulness to God and show appreciation to those he uses. Here are some scriptures: 1 Thessalonians 5:18; Colossians 3:15-17 and Luke 17:11-18 (even Jesus in human form expected a ‘thank you’).

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