When we first embarked on the Makoma Well Project in 2015 we had no idea when we would be done with it.

Now by the grace of God and with the support of several fundraising efforts and generous donations we have almost completed it. The people of the Makoma Villiage have clean running water. All that is left is finishing touches around the well. See photo’s below and follow the link to learn about our earlier fundraising efforts here: Fundraising – Makoma Well Project

Since early 2016 we have be fundraising for the Makoma Well project in Uganda – this is our second major charitable event following our ongoing support to the people of Venuezuela in association with Pastors Domingo and Ali Blanco.

In June 2017 delegates from our church will be going to Uganda to officially launch ths Well and lay down a plaque in memory of our successful fundraising campaign. See below for the latest images:


Please return soon for updates.