Rabbi Daniel Lapin on Everyone Needs Money

Listen to this podcast by renowned teacher and scholar Rabbi Daniel Lapin. This is what he has to say about it:-

“Never mind Harry Potter, but is making money ‘stinking sorcery’? Hey Kids! It’s easy to describe the hard work your dad does if he’s a bus driver, a fireman, or a pilot. But what if he’s a mortgage broker, a recruiter, or an investment banker? Does he make money by just talking on the phone all day? Sounds like fun. LeBron James plays basketball and Ron Johnson built the Apple stores in all the malls. Each made about $30M a year. Why did so many people say Ron Jonson was overpaid at Apple while everybody thought LeBron James earned every penny of his pay? The spirituality of money. Why did Los Angelinos destroy Jewish-owned stores in the Watts Riots of 1965 and then Korean-owned stores in the Rodney King riots of 1992? What did Boeing’s Alan Mulally have that Ford so desperately needed? 3 effective spiritual strategies for increasing your financial revenue.”

About Rabbi Lapin

Daniel Lapin was born into a prestigious Torah family. He was a student of his father, Rabbi A.H. Lapin, who served the Jewish communities in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, eventually immigrating to America with his wife where they established the Am Echad synagogue in San Jose, CA. Like his father before him, Rabbi Lapin was privileged to learn with his great-uncle, the esteemed Rav Elya Lopian. In addition, he learned in yeshivas (Torah schools) in England and Israel as well as studying physics, engineering, and mathematics in S. Africa. After establishing a boat-building business in Johannesburg, Rabbi Daniel immigrated to the U.S. where, along with Michael Medved, he founded the Pacific Jewish Center in California, a groundbreaking initiative that introduced thousands of Jews to their religious heritage. In 1992, he and his family relocated to Washington State where he began his work strengthening the Judeo-Christian roots of this country by writing, speaking and standing shoulder to shoulder with prominent Christian leaders, leading to the establishment of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians.

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