Things You Should Never Change – Dr Myles Munroe

You will only be remembered for the lives you changed for the better.
However, are you prepared to take a stand for change?

Learn more from the powerful and insightful teaching of the late
Dr Myle Myles Munroe:-

We must take leadership in transforming
our society that we must understand that
the kingdom of God is not a religion the
kingdom of God is an actual government
that manifests itself in culture and

So, I want to speak to you in this
session please write this down this is
important session on the subject things
you should never change the things you
should never change.

What a subject we’ve
been talking about change for the last
three months. We’ve been talking about
why it’s important to understand change.
We’ve also been emphasizing the
importance to change and there are some
things that need changing in the world
but, I want to talk to you in this
session about some things you shouldn’t

There are some things you should
never change, in other words I want you
to understand there are some things that
should remain permanent and I call them

Principles are supposed to be
permanent the problem with the world
right now is that everybody’s excited
about change but change is the most
powerful and predictable reality in our
world. It is one of the things that no
one can escape, change is inherent in
creation. Everything that are created
will change naturally my contents are
changing everyday.

They are being affected by the
climate around them. Rivers are changing
everyday they are expanding or dying
animals are changing. Every day they’re
growing older. Trees are changing every
moment they are going through the change
that takes place in their leaves and in
their branches and then you are changing
every second you are getting older.

You are five minutes older than you were five
minutes ago. In other words the power to change
is in everything God created but here’s the
problem we are the only creatures who can decide
changes. The animal world live on instinct so you
never find an animal sitting down planning change.

I’ve never seen 20 sharks meeting together
deciding the future. I’ve never seen a group of
trees in the forest having a congress on
what to do with the forest next year. We are the
only creatures God created who can actually sit
down and we can plan what kind of future we want.

We can actually control change this is called
the power of the will. Write it down, the will is a
beautiful gift and yet it’s the most dangerous gift
God ever gave man because
the power of will gives us the ability to decide
against God God took a great chance when he gave us
a will but in order to make us like himself he had to
give us a will because God is a God who has ultimate
authority and to create a creature in his own

He had to give that creature the same quality that he has.
This is why a man who was created by God could actually
tell God he doesn’t exist. It’s the power of will, but this
power of will. Therefore is the power of the flower placed in
your hand to decide the future of the world…
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