Ways to Protect Your Financial Future

In July of last year our church did a series of talks on investment and soon realised that our people wanted to create financial freedom. They also wanted to prepare for retirement and wanted to learn how to leave an inheritance to their children’s children.

We had a series of talks on investments and even more ways to generate income to fund our various investment goals.

So Our Millionaire Club was born out of that.

Now in the month of March 2020, members of the club start their initial journey into investments.

However for those of you who are in our virtual community you might want to consider the links below to learn more and get started on your journey.

However, please note that we would love to hear of your successes, do interact with us, post your comments below and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

All the best!

Ways to Protect Your Financial Future

There are a few ways listed below for our virtual audience to protect their financial future and or plan for their financial future. However, everything does not work for everybody, please find what works for you, stick with it and build upon it.


Please read Eruvwu Obuaya’s blog post Necessity Is the Mother Of Invention for detailed ways and resources to Make Money From Home  (especially in the lockdown period due to Corona Virus Pandemic).

Disclaimer: This post is to create an awareness of the practical steps required to create an extra income. Also to inform those interested in what we are working on and what could possibly work for you. Successful investment relies heavily on understanding your motivation, your available options and taking responsibility for them. This post is to help you to become aware of things that can aid your success or foil it. You must never invest more than you can afford to lose. Understand that your success will depend largely on your ability and willingness to invest in yourself,  follow instructions and be consistent and patient. We are not advocating quick rich schemes. We advocate your responsibility to put things in place towards your own financial future, to leave an inheritance to your children’s children and prepare you for your retirement. Do feel free to seek the advice of a professional. Pneuma Christian Centre or our Web Manager Eruvwu Obuaya shall not be held liable for any losses you may incur.

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