Can You Do What Is Right Before God With A Wrong Heart?

Seeing this topic just made me instantly think of the question:

Can bad people do good things?

And my response to that is, indeed. Anybody can do good things that seem right to either themselves, others and even God.

The difference for us as children of God and as Christians is the heart condition.

For the purpose of today’s discussion, I want us to consider the heart as our motivation, intentions and loyalty. 

I want us to consider whether the intention behind the good deed for “God” is for self-gratification or to please others and consider whether that remains a right before God. 

A bit like obeying the command but disrespecting the commander! Is this possible?

I would like us to look at a bible verse as an example of when people can do right in the sight of God but not with the right heart.

 2 Chronicles 25:2: And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a perfect heart. 

(Please read the full story). This was talking of Amaziah and how he was trying to raise an army to go and fight against those who killed his father. Amaziah needed more forces and agreed to pay the Israelites if they could muster up another 100, 000 men to join Judah in battle.  The people of Israel had also started worshipping other Gods and when God asked for their return Amaziah Obeyed God and God gave him victory. However, when they got back, he brought back the idols and started to worship them

Amaziah did that which was right but only to a point and more importantly, his heart was not loyal.

Loyalty to God is reflected in the heart not just in what we do either for show or pleasure. 

Do we do right because our moral upbringing tells us it is the right thing to do?

Or because we want to please a man? Or, be seen to be good or holier than others?

Or because it is for God. The bible says “Guard your heart” Proverbs 4:23. We have to guard our heart at all times to check our heart condition to ensure that whatever we do, we do unto God.

We welcome your comments on this topic below.

The topic facilitator and notes where presented by Deaconess Rita Dada.

4 thoughts on “Can You Do What Is Right Before God With A Wrong Heart?”

  1. This is a great topic and one a Christian should be reminded of often. I also love the points raised and how they remind me to ponder my motives and the condition of my heart. I love the scripture in Proverbs chapter 4 verse 23 and I remind myself of it often.

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