A Life Of Favour

7 years ago I had an opportunity to hear the message and access information relating to the then very popular law of attraction, but unfortunately, I choose to study the secular understanding instead of receiving and studying the biblical understanding of it.

It is my hope and prayer, that this will not be the case of anyone reading this post.

I have since come to understand that for the child of God it is the favour that comes from Him that makes the difference in your ability to apply knowledge, understanding and revelation that leads to manifestation.

A Life Of Favour

Is there call upon your life like Joseph, Esther, Daniel and Jesus to name a few? They had the favour of God.

Do you need a transformation in any area of your life, but don’t know how to get the manifestation of what it is you know or think you know? Then you need to access this resource that I shunned all those years ago but have been reintroduced to by God’s divine grace.

You can spend time and money looking in the wrong direction for the answers your need or you can save the time and money by clicking the button below to pay the fee for sourcing the material below. It is applied knowledge that gives power, but you need the right information to apply.

I have experienced the cost of the price of ignorance and it has been huge. It is my hope that you will learn from my mistake and take advantage of the information by clicking on the button that will uncover more about how you can experience a life of favour. What I have come to understand is knowing about favour and having favour are two completely different things and a key clue to obtaining it is having the right information.

It’s God’s will to bring His people into the manifestation of their sonship and understanding how to live a life of favour will help get you there.

Click the button to gain access to more.

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