Protecting Your Future

Throughout our Wednesday evening services in July we covered investments options available for the believer. The aim was to teach our members and fellow Christians how to protect their future.

Protecting Your Future

We had our resident expert Eruvwu Obuaya teach on the following:-

  1. Investment options available to Christians (or anyone wanting to invest). She taught us what an investment is, which is basically the action or process of investing money for profit. Then she explained what kind of investment where available, why we should invest and who it is for, learn more here:
  2. The very next Wednesday Eruvwu took us through practical steps to investing and even showed ways to manage your debts. You can learn more about the Practical steps here:
  3. Finally she taught us about the compound interest and the power it has to increase your money exponentially, learn more here:

We finally ended with the topic of pensions which was covered by another expert in our church who wants to remain anonymous. We must add, both our experts gave disclaimers that they were not FCA regulated, however, they did have experience, knowledge and understanding of the topics covered and it was from this they shared with us.

What we learnt about pensions was basically that we need to have been working and contributing for 35 years to be entitled to £176.15 a week!

He also helped us to realise that the average pensioner couple can barely afford to live on the income they get in the UK.

The conclusion was that the attendees came to the realization that unless they have other sources of income, a drop in their monthly income would effect them adversely if debts are not equally reduced.

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