It has always been part of the Christian experience to testify having tasted and seen that the Lord is good, we exalt Him, by sharing what He has done and giving the glory to Him – see Psalm chapter 34 verse 8.

We will endeavour to share testimonies and encourage you to come back regularly to read or listen to them.

On the first Sunday of the month members share their testimonies which encourage and lift us but especially reminds us of the goodness of God.

However, we want to share testimonies with everyone, so where our members might be shy about going global with their testimonies, others we have found who are not, will be shared here.

If you have a testimony of God’s goodness and grace to you, do share it below. Thank you in advance. 😀

This month’s online testimonies comes from our members, see the link here:

Testimonies In September 2020

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